Sean Michael Downey &
Kelly Rose Sellwood
June 2nd, 2007
Yeah, we're married now!


Here are some pictures to visually tell a little bit about our relationship and some of the fun adventures we have had in it.

Listening to music
Sean & Kelly Waiting for Nola
Sean: This is us listening to music while we waited for baby Nola.
Kelly: We sure are hardcore rockers... :)

On the beach
Sean: Kelly, surprised me and took me to Santa Barbara for my birthday, this was a picture of us goofing around on the beach
Kelly: Sean's big number twenty three, fun times running around on the beaches of Santa Barbara


Eating giant sandwich
Sean: This was a deal, 7 bucks for this huge sandwich that fed both of us. We shared our great discovery at the Watson house.
Kelly: Yum Yum, you can't beat those great deals in Placerville


Frozen beach
Kelly: Not only was it a frozen beach but I think Sean's hand was frozen to my shoulder too.
Sean: I believe this picture was concluded with a snow ball fight and us tackling each other in the snow.


Big Bear Overview
Sean: Last year we went to Big Bear, it was a fun adventure. At some point we found this lookout tower.
Kelly:: Yeah for Sean's 22nd Birthday and random people in the middle of nowhere who can take your picture!


All in!
Kelly: Sean joined me at my University's formal and together we were unstoppable at the poker table.
Sean: If by unstoppable she means us losing all our chips on the first hand, then yes.
Kelly: LOL!


Desert beach
Sean: Kelly and I at the Mighty Salton Sea, I believe we were the only living things around for miles.
Kelly: Ahhh... LOTS of salt, watch out for the dead dog, ewe!


City overlook
Sean: An overlook somewhere off mulholland dr.
Kelly: GUSTY!!
Baker, Ca
Sean: Us at the worlds tallest thermometer. AMAZING!!
Kelly: It would be cool if they made this into a ride... wee!
Sean: We made name tags from our "turkey" sandwiches
Kelly: At the Los Angeles AIDS walk... our job was to cheer on the walkers, "GO WALKERS, GO!!!!!!!"
Prom '02
Sean: It was a lot of fun to find that carpet and it worked out well.
Kelly: It sure did work out well. He asked me to be his girlfriend that night, and the answer was pretty simple after this suave move...
Kelly's graduation
Sean: I don't know what I was thinking with my hair. Here is this beautiful girl graduating from high school and some guy who just kinda walked up and posed.
Kelly: Ahh, I liked his hair because from a female perspective I had a blast playing with it!