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Today’s The big day!

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

Alright, I figure i would just post something so that people know Kelly and I will actually use this thing. We’re both very excited for today. Left each other last night for the last time. We said some prayers together and read over some scripture that deal with marriage to keep our minds on the Lord so that we don’t get distracted and frustrated with anything that may arise.

We had a great time at the rehearsal dinner with all our family and friends. We were amazed at how fast the evening flew by and are sure that the same will be true for tonight.

Me personally, I’m just so glad to finally be able to spend every moment with the women I love so much and look forward to trying to love her in every possible way that I can. She is truly one of God’s special children and I look forward to the responsibility of taking care of her. It is also crazy to think that we will be in Australia in less than a few days.

We’ll update the blog again I’m sure when we’ve gotten to Australia and found an internet cafe or something similar, which could be on Tuesday or Wednesday.