06/17/2007 On the Road: Part 7 “YEAH for Cheap Bread!”

Before driving to Byron we had to find Kelly’s money belt… oops :) We found it however in the bathroom at Lenox head.

When we got into Byron we were overwhelmed by the amount of people there. We had been told by Kangaroo Man that the town had grown significantly in the past ten years. We did not see it ten years ago, but even on a cold overcast day the town was hopping. Our first stop was the Internet cafe. Kelly liked this place because the worker was giving free chocolate to any girls who would do 5 push-ups, no one else tried but Kelly. Sean had to do 23 push-ups though to get his.

We had decided that the camper van leg of our journey would be the super cheap part, so we were aiming not to spend money in this town. We parked the van and walked around aimlessly for a couple hours. Then found a bread shop… THE bread shop of all bread shops. Why you ask? Why is OZ Bakery the Bomb! Well it is because after 4 pm, which it was, all bread is half price. So we got two ENORMOUS loafs of bread for $4! And you know we liked that!! :)

We ate out bread for a bit as we drove to the famous Byron Bay lighthouse. It was really hard to see because it was so dark and we couldn’t get very close at night. We then got in the van and drove right up next to the main beach about 10min away from the lighthouse. We made dinner in the parking lot, which was an odd mixture of pasta. We then took our pasta and some drinks down to the beach and sat on the rocks and talked for several hours about the rest of our lives. It was so enjoyable just to be thinking about how we actually have no clue what we will be doing when we get home, but to throw ideas around and see where we end up.

After we finished hanging out on the beach, we took of to find a place to sleep. Byron Bay had VERY stringent laws against camper vans and such, so there was really no way to park in the city. We found this ironic since it is supposedly such a large surfer town… but oh well.

We drove down the highway about two min. until we found a rest stop to sleep in for the next day in Nimbin.


Sean doing push-ups for free chocolate at the internet cafe

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