06/18/2007 On The Road: Part 8 “You Guys look’n for Some Good Weed Today?”

Nimbin: Town of Weed… shhhh.

So Nimbin is the most notoriously know town of pot smokers in Australia, but supposedly no one knows that :) We certainly did not realize that when within the first minute of driving into town we saw five men rolling in the MIDDLE of the street!

But seriously… we did not know until we got to town. Everyone kept saying… Go to Nimbin… they have an alternative lifestyle. All the brochures say, people there live with alternative lifestyles. All this meant to us was… Yeah for organic food! That is what people had told us that you could get organic food there. We did not know it would smell like weed, but hey, organic is organic right? :)

Well, Nimbin was really interesting. We began counting how many times we were asked if we were “look’n for some good weed”. Final score:7.

It felt like we were in the middle of the 60′s, funny color signs, tye died shirts, bandannas. We sat down to have lunch and literally every table in the place had people smoking weed. It was crazy.

We did enjoy after walking through the town a bit, some fun completely organic and vegan food. It was pretty good. We walked for a while more then found another place for food, and shared some pancakes. The menu said the pancakes came with butter, we don’t know why ours had ice cream in the same size and position of butter scooped on-top of our food… but it tasted really good anyway!

We left Nimbin and decided to explore the local natural areas by driving the scenic way back out to the main Highway.


Some people in Nimbin


Nimbins main street


On the senic drive back from Nimbin

3 Responses to “06/18/2007 On The Road: Part 8 “You Guys look’n for Some Good Weed Today?””

  1. Mike says:

    Hey, do you know why the food was so good???? Hmmm, munchies!!! Nothing like a little contact high to rev up the appetite, hahaha.

  2. Kellee says:

    Hmmm…ice cream topped pancakes…definitely a case of the munchies.

  3. Laura says:

    Haven’t you ever heard of pot brownies? Well, I think you got served pot pancakes. That’s the “alternative” version of the brownies!

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