06/18/2007 On The Road: Part 9 “Surfers Paradise?”

After we got back to the main road we began heading the 3 hours north to Brisbane. Our first stop was about an hour outside of the city, Surfers Paradise. We were not disappointed with the town, just incredibly surprised. This is because of the name. You would think that a town with such a name would be a little town with huge waves and a lot of surfers. Although we arrived at dark, somehow we don’t think that that makes a difference in there being surfers there. It was essentially an Australian version of Vegas on the ocean. It was literally 60% hotel high rises, 20% shops, and 20% Huge Casinos. We really did not know what to do in this enormous place, so we walked on the beach for a brief period, which by the way was as soft as flour… amazing! We then drove our Ghetto-Mobile to the most renowned Casino in the town, Conrad Jupiter’s. It was pretty nice, so we hung out and watched people play Texas-Hold ‘em for a while then took off to hit the road again towards Brisbane, and The Australia Zoo.


We did not take this picture :) But it is Surfers Paradise.


We did take this pic :)


but not this one :)

2 Responses to “06/18/2007 On The Road: Part 9 “Surfers Paradise?””

  1. Mom Sellwood says:

    Thank goodness you didn’t play poker for hours and loose all of your money. That would be really strange to see all of that by a beautiful beach. Also, I want to walk on the sand.

  2. Kellee says:

    That’s a pretty sweet place. It is strange to see all those skyscrapers next to such an awesome beach though?!?!

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