06/18/2007 On The Road: Part 10 “Top o the Morning to Ya!”

So after Surfers Paradise dove towards Brisbane. We were however not staying in Brisbane that night because we were going to the Australia Zoo the next day. So we drove right on through the city. We did however think that the city was beautiful at night. It is on a river which outlets to the ocean, and the city curves along with the river bends, and reflects brilliant colors along the passage.

Anyway. We drove about an hour out of the city and then turned onto “Steve Irwin Way” which is the highway to take you to the zoo. We drove on that for about 15 min the pulled off at the rest stop near the zoo. There was already a couple vans parked there and a group of 5 people sitting at the table across the way.

Sean and I cooked ourselves up some pasta, and enjoyed a nice bottle of sparkling red wine we had purchased back on Hunter Valley. While we were cleaning up Sean ended up getting into a conversation with the people at the other table. 3 guys and 2 girls all around our age from Ireland. We noticed that there were playing a game and asked them what it was. They asked us to join and we accepted. Soon we found ourselves at this table with 5 very funny Irish-folk playing… a drinking game. It was neat to be able to hangout with another culture that we haven’t yet experienced. We had lots of fun and ended up finding out that they will be in San Francisco in a couple months so we exchanged info. Maybe we will meet them again. Top o’ the morning to ya!


With some of our new Irish friends  (Don’t worry, Sean has not acquired rabies, he is brushing his teeth:))


The rest area near the zoo

2 Responses to “06/18/2007 On The Road: Part 10 “Top o the Morning to Ya!””

  1. Mom Sellwood says:

    How fun to meet some Irishmen. We all hope they call when them come to California.

  2. Laura says:

    We have a friend who lived in Brisbane for awhile and said it was the best place to live in Australia – all the city-type conveniences with a small town feel and friendliness.

    OF COURSE the Irish were having a drinking game! They’re Irish!

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