06/23/2007 – On the Road, Again

After we got up and ready, we caught a quick bus ride over into the heart of cairns where we would execute the final adventure of our trip. We heard that Cape Tribulation was kinda the thing to do, we did it. But instead of doing a boring bus tour, we thought we could make it cheaper and more exciting by renting a car. At first we were tempted to get the cheapy “rent a bum” but apparently a lot of other people had that idea as well so all the bums were gone. The next best option was renting a tiny little ford muchacho or something. The car was in good condition and there really wasn’t anything wrong with it.

So we crammed in the car Shaq could drive if his seat was in the trunk and once again hit the road! We were warned to be careful on the road due to the high amount of collisions so we drove fairly slowly the whole way. It was about a three hour drive that seemed to go by very fast with all the very sights. Once we got out of Cairns, we finally got a view that looks something more of a paradise. Long white beaches with a jungle background, supposedly if the weather cooperated the sun makes the water look like something you see on a post card. It was still a cool site to see. Later on the drive we entered the “rain forest” where there was forest, and rain.

It was truly spectacular. It was dark by the time we had arrived to the jungle so pictures weren’t really possible. It was truly amazing. Rain pouring down through a lush green jungle, with the sound of rushing water and birds chirping. The road was very unfamiliar, curvy and wet so we kept the speed to a minimum. This way we also got to maximize the experience. After we came out of the thick of the forest it wasn’t long until we arrived at our place to sleep for the night. It was just a hostel that was laid out among the forest. We cooked up some beans & hot dogs and found some fresh bananas on a near by tree. Sean found and husked a coconut that we saved for breakfast the next morning.


Sean Next to our baby car. We named him baby Freddie.


A view along the road to Cape Tribulation


Sean husking his coconut

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  1. Kellee says:

    I’ve never had fresh coconut…bet it’s yummy! Maybe Sean can hook it up in the Dominican…they have coconuts there don’t they?

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