06/24/2007 – In the Jungle

When we got up we had some weet bix, bananas and some coconut that Sean got out for us at our hostel. Then we went on a little walk to the beach to look at Cape Tribulation. Then we needed to find a place to sleep for the following night. Kelly had talked to someone earlier in the trip that said we could find a place that was in a tree house like fashion next to a waterfall. So we began searching for such a place. The first place we tried we just kind of stumbled on. It was a bed + breakfast for around $100. It seemed like a pretty cool place and for $100 it seemed like it might be a winner. The guy mentioned something about a place that was 200 meters out. We didn’t think much of it and told him we would be back after we looked around a bit. So we drove around to a few more places but they seemed very commercial and like we were staying at a we found a few places that looked neat but they really weren’t authentic jungle adventures.

We went back to the first place with the intentions of staying there. We asked about the place that was out in the middle of jungle. They responded that some people didn’t like it because there were no doors or windows so bugs and other critters can find their way there. When we arrived we saw a three story jungle mansion. The first floor was very simple and only contained an outdoor shower and sink. The second story was a large open room with a kitchen, bathroom and couch. The third was just a loft with a bed and bug net. We both knew that this was a winner. It is in the middle of the jungle with no sign of human existence. The place is amazing. We rushed back to the main house to reserve our spot. This place was only $120 a night!! We were thrilled about our discovery and were excited to stay there for the evening. They told us that the place wouldn’t be ready for a few hours so we went to a local swimming hole called Masons swimming hole.

Masons is a popular tourist stop with a little store and trail to the swim hole. It was already raining but we decided that we may as well go all the way. The swim hole was pretty cool, it wasn’t much different that your regular foothill river swim hole other than your in the middle of a jungle. Some locals came by and threw bread at Kelly. Well, she was in the water and was hoping that fish in the pond would come and swim around her. She wanted “to make a fishy friend.” When she told the locals that she was from California they responded by telling her that she was very brave and that it surprised them the she would be in the water. She told them that she was really from the mountains of California and not LA, and that made the difference :)

After the river we made a run to the store to get food for dinner. Then we made dinner and hung out in our rain forest house. It was fun because it was raining and we were able to stare into the vast jungle and listen to sounds of wildlife. We did make friends with a mouse and called him Mr. Popcorn because he came about when we were cooking popcorn. Sean tried to catch him using a strainer but was unsuccessful.

In the morning we went up to the house for breakfast. It was cereal and a bunch of tropical fruits. It was fun to try new fruits that we hadn’t ever heard of before. We then went back to our jungle hut and began to pack up. By the time we got out in was nearing noon. We went to a near by restaurant and shared a pate of Emu, Crocodile, and Kangaroo.

After we left we thought that being right on the ocean we should probably go and check it out. We just made a quick stop and checked out the low tide by walking around on the coral beds that showed.

We then headed back into Cairns after a few uneventful stops. OOO we did by a discounted generic fruit loops. It was after we purchased them that we realized they were expired and infested with bugs :)


Eating the coconut Sean got at the Hoste

Walking to see the Cape p1010750.JPG


At Masons swimming hole


Kelly Having bread thrown at her to the fishies from an above hill


Looking out at the scenery from our jungle house in the forest


Mr. Popcorn… we hope it wasn’t a Mrs :)


Our Jungle house



Eating our Aussie meat platter


Walking on the coral off the beach on the way back from Cape Tribulation

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    Oh my gosh! I love that Jungle House! SO COOL! If/when I ever go to Australia, I am totally staying there!

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