06/20/2007 – On the Road: Part 12 “Almost off the Road in Brisbane”

So after our exciting day at the zoo we ventured back into Brisbane. It was night time by then, but we decided that we would drive around and try to find an Internet cafe. We had not such luck… at least no luck parking anywhere near one for less than 10 dollars. So instead Sean cracked some macademia nuts, we had got near Nimbin, on the sidewalk in the city. We decided to head out of the city and find a place to sleep.

We had a map to tell us where the rest stops in the area were, but they are not nearly as clearly marked in Queensland as in New South Whales. So essentially we spent over an hour looking for a place to sleep. We ended up in a park, that was maybe a rest area about 20 min outside of the city. It was SOOOO windy that night and it was hard to sleep.

We woke up early the next day to drive back into the city to return our camper van. It took us a bit to find the place. But we were able to have an adventure in our search. At a point we saw a road, or what looked like a road, that I knew could get us to the road we needed to be on. So I told Sean to turn. It looked a bit ‘Dodgy’ but I encouraged Sean to continue driving knowing that our location was just over the hump. Anyway… we were obviously really out of it from the wind the previous night because we found ourselves driving through a street market… NO CARS ALLOWED!!!

Sean saw a cop and began by stating “how did I get here?” This was followed by the cop stating “I don’t know where you are from, but does this look like a road to you?!” We had one very unhappy cop on our hands. He followed by stating that we would receive a 250 dollar fine for our actions. Every word we said received a look as if saying “How stupid are you people!?!?!”… hey, what can you say… sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do :)

Kelly managed to start stowing him maps and fumbling around, and sting “we are just so confused, we have never been here before” he seemed a little bit calmer then, until he realized what an utter piece of junk we were in that was promoting STD’s on the side. He looked at us and said “is this car even registered?!” then began closely examining our vehicle, while we were trying to explain that it was a rental we were trying to return.

After some more attempts at trying to act confused, he let us go with a police led escort to an exit… OPPS :)

We can’t help but think of how many cops were told about us that night at the prescient, I mean imagine a someone driving down Third Street Promenade or K-street Mall… that was us!

We managed to return the car by 10am. Afterwards we rode a train to the main train station to purchase train tickets to Cains. The train tickets ended up being sold out. This was probably a good thing because they wanted $600 for the two of us. So last min we decided to fly to Cains. Though a serious of events we were finally able to purchase our tickets. We would fly out at 9pm so it was just a matter of killing some time. We found an internet Cafe in the train station for a few hours, finished booking the flight, then walked about town. We ended up seeing this large group of people in an opal store so we went in to see the deal. They were doing rock breaking looking for opals. We ended up staying in there for a couple hours. Sean bought me a beautiful opal necklace for our wedding gift, i love it! Then we went and got some cheep food from a pub and caught a train to the airport.

Side fact is that it cost a ton of money to get in or out of airports in Australia by train because of levy’s the country has.

Although we were not in Brisbane for very long we enjoyed our time!


Sean cracking nuts on the sidewalk


Our home in the park


On the train to the airport

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  1. Kellee says:

    I can’t believe you guys got yourself out of that mess with the cop. No. Wait. I can. :)

  2. Laura says:

    I LOVE that the front of your van says “Wicked”. That is SO COOL.

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