06/25/2007 – Back in Cairns

When we got back to Cairns we had booked a room at someplace called Koalas. We booked ahead because all the schoolies start their vacation this week and everything supposedly gets very full. Our room was luxury in comparison to anything we had been staying for the past 2 weeks. We had a Tv, working lights, a small kitchen and OUR OWN BATHROOM! All of the hostels make you share a bathroom unless you want to shell out and extra $20 or so bucks.

For dinner there was an buffet for only $7.50! This was $1.50 cheaper than the calypso where we had stayed the week before. It was a good meal and got more than our moneys worth. We even had a little take-away (Aussie for “to go”) that we, well took-away! We felt like doing something a little more recreation than chatting with those in the dinning area. We asked if there was like a laser tag or something of equal excitement. Nobody knew of anything so we settled for walking around the city.

The first of the two highlights from that were seeing a drunken mob roam around the city. We only saw them run from one bar to another but it looked fairly crazy. We asked a stray what it was about and she began to draw on our hands. When she got around to conversing she said it was some club where you by a shirt for $10 then once a week you get all the free beer you could ever want at a few different bars. We were guessing there must be some other catch because it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense economically.

The other highlight was walking into an aboriginal art store. The prices were ridiculous. There was some picture with spots on it for $25k. I’m guessing that the aboriginals that create the art work get screwed. But we talked to the lady who worked there and she said the areas aboriginal tribe has a daily show that has won awards. We though it sounded cool so we took a brochure and planned on going the next morning.

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