06/26/2007 – Last Day in the Land of OZ

We got up and packed in a hurry. We weren’t sure what time the show started but a brochure said something about 9 so we figured it was a good time to get there. When we showed up there was a short film about how ‘white man kill aboriginals’ then a short drama presentation on their tribes stories. Then the really good stuff began. There was a cool little tribal dance with a bunch of aboriginals where they would imitate a bunch of different animals. Then one of them started fire with just rubbing to sticks together. The next segment was what they used for medicines etc. One of the things was eating this certain dirt lived in by termites to cure diarrhea, how anyone thought of that is beyond me. There was also this leaf from the “cocky apple” tree that when ground up and thrown in water leaves fish motionless with a numbing poison and for the picking.

Then there was a didgeridoo exhibit which prompted Sean to try and learn the “circular breathing” which is required for it. Then was a spear & boomerang throwing that allowed the guests to “have a go” at it. Sean’s first throw he almost caught but the second throw almost caught someone else!

After all that was done we came back into town returned the car and decided to finish our blogs before we go home!

Tonight we will be returning to the Koala Hostel for a final $7.50 buffet of curry, yummy!


The fire dance


The woman talking about the capabilities of the termite mound dirt


Sean throwing the spear


Us typing this blog to you right now!!

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  1. Kellee says:

    As soon as I saw the word “spear” I knew that Sean would be sure to follow! That is pretty cool though. Maybe Sean needed some authentic “clothing”? HA HA

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