06/20/2007 – 6/22/2007 – In Cairns

So the plane ride to Cairns was very bumpy! Kelly was tense the entire 2.5 hrs. When we arrived into Cairns we hopped a shuttle at midnight and rode it to the Hostel. The place we were staying, The Calypso, was pretty nice. Very chill and relaxed. They had a whole restaurant and bar section and a pool.

The next morning we decided that from the time in the camper, our sleeping bags had accumulated some sort of bed bugs and we decided to count all of our bites. We each had at least 30. Then we went for a walk to explore the town. We found a playground with some of the coolest toys ever! They, much like the ones in Sydney, seemed very dangerous, and we had a great time on them!!

Our biggest surprise was when we discovered that Cairns looked nothing like we thought it would. We imagined Hawaii where you could just snorkel off the beach. But there was no beach, it is just marshy mush. You have to go out on boat rides at least an hour to get to the reef.

That day we spent exploring for hours our many options on getting Scuba Certified. In the evening we had a buffet at The Calypso and talked with a very nice German guy for a long bit. Then we all played a trivia game they had going on there.

The next day was equally as relaxing. We walked around town again looking at our adventure options. A lot of people were telling us to go to this place called Cape Tribulation about 3 hours north. So we were considering it. We decided not to do Scuba Diving because it was HIGHLY overpriced…. HIGHLY. Not only that but because of rules with diving and flying we probably did not have a large enough time window to do it. We ended up planning on heading out the next day to the Cape.
We were planning on going snorkeling today, the 26th, but it has never cleared up here and is very cloudy and windy, which would make for very poor snorkeling. We never got out on the water but have been VERY happy with what we have got to do.

That night we went to a hostel called Gilligan’s just to check it out because we heard it was nice. Then we had dinner, and got ready to head out to Cape Tribulation the next day.


Sean counting his bites at Calypso


Cairns Shoreline



At the coolest playground ever!


This thing was spinning FAST!


This climby thing rocked!

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  1. Kellee says:

    That playground is pretty cool, though I don’t think I’d want my little ones playing on it. Danger, Danger!

  2. Laura says:

    Of all the things you’ve talked about, the playgrounds seem to be the biggest cultural difference between the Australians and the US. We raise our kids in plastic bubbles!

    But that shot of you spinning, sis, is so cool!

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