06/06/2007 – 06/08/2007 – Day in Manly and Getting Ready to Leave Sydney

We would love to update you on some of our more recent adventures since the last time we made a post.

We left off that we had just arrived in Manly, a beach town a short boat ride from Sydney. After we left blogging, we walked around the streets then headed to the beach. It was very beautiful and peaceful, then we walked along a path way they have to a little lagoon. We sat there for a while, and watched Manly city lights grow brighter in the setting sun. Then we took a short walk to an over look that looked onto the South Pacific Ocean.

Being out of the city for the first time we were able to notice the stars… they were completely different! We saw two planets that we have no clue as to their names, and will someone please tell us where the Big Dipper is! :)

After that we walked back into the city, then shortly after that caught a boat back into Sydney, of course not before we enjoyed some of Australia’s abundance of Gellato ice cream. Once in Sydney we enjoyed the half hour or so walk back to the hotel from the harbor.

The following day was very relaxing and ended with us going to see a circus show at the famous Sydney Opera house. That was awesome to go in there!

The next morning we got up, packed our stuff and prepared to leave our 5 star hotel for the adventure of not having a clue to where we were staying next, except that we were headed to the Blue Mountains.









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