06/08/2007- 06/09/2007 – The Blue Mountians

From the hotel in Sydney we strapped up our packs and headed to the train station where we figured out that in order to get into the Blue Mountains we needed to go to Katoomba. So we purchased our tickets and began our 2 hour train ride. It was awesome seeing the countryside from the train.

We arrived in the Blue Mountains and stepped off the train into a raging winter storm. We had no clue which way to turn or which way to go. We walked into an outdoor store and got some tips about what to do and where to stay. We also asked where there might be a thrift store as we were ill prepared for the weather. We were recommended to stay at a Youth Hostel down the street, ranked second best in the world, so we made our way there. We settled in then went and got food at one of the MANY kabob shops that Australia offers.

The next day we woke up to a continuing ranging storm. But we had made the trek to the mountains and were not going to let the weather imped upon our adventure. So we bundled up and began walking to the forest. The Blue Mountains are actually a plateau that has been worn down thus creating the mountainous form. All the towns are at the top of this. So we began high and started working our way down the path. The adventurous part is that the ground was solid puddles, and the sky way a solid wall of water, plus we hiked the entire way down along a water fall… a very long waterfall. This forest is essentially a rain forest. We felt like we were in the middle of the Amazon. We got to the bottom, ate Vegemite sandwiches, then continued for about a 1/2 hour to the golden staircase.

Now, you ask, what is this staircase. Well it is the path to exit the bottom of the mountains up to the top. It is 1,000 stairs carved into the side of the mountain. So we began our trek UP. very up. It was totally worth it though when we got almost too the top and got to go in a carved out area of the famous three sisters rock formation. Then we continued up to the very top where we got to take lots of great pictures because the clouds and fog began clearing a bit and we could see the Gods INCREDIBLE creation as we looked onto the valley… it took our breath away.

We then walked a half our back to the hostel, dried our cloths, sat by the fire, and ate the free spaghetti noodles that were left in the fridge by someone. Then it was time to figure out what we were doing for sleep that night.













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  1. Carrie Guild says:

    You are very brave and very in love and it is beautiful! Carrie

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