06/09/2007- 06/10/2007 – The Hostel Adventure

We found a hostel we could stay in a bit out of Sydney that was cheaper that ones in the city. So we walked to the train station in the Blue Mountains and hoped on the train that the lady told up to go on. By the time we achieved our destination we had hopped three trains and were somewhere in some city some distance out of Sydney. All we knew was that we needed to walk ten minuets from the train station to the Hostel. After walking about fifteen, we thought, maybe jut a bit further. About a half hour into the walk we accepted that we might be lost. It was definitely dark, definitely starting to rain, and we definitely had no clue where to go. So we turned around. We found a gas station that was closed but started yelling to see if someone would come out… no one did. So we kept walking back.

Eventually we were just about back to the train station and found a man who was able to help us. He informed us that we had walked the wrong way off the train and needed walk the other way from the train station. So we walked ten minuets that way and found it!! YEAH! Once there we were assigned a room. As we were trying to lock the door though we realized that the door lock was broken. So we walked the three floors back down to the front desk, and got assigned another room. After beginning to settle down in there we noticed that the rain had found its way through the open window all over our bed. So we walked the four floors back down to the front desk and got a third room. We walked four floors up to that one and… it was okay :) So we settled in. Then we ordered pizza and waled with it to a pub where some random Bolivians were playing music and singing at their tables. So we sat, ate our pizza, watched and enjoyed.

The next morning (today) we got up, packed up, and left the Hostel, back to the train station.





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