06/10/2007 – Back in Sydney!?

Well we might of thought that we had left the city for good, but we suppose that on an adventure you never quite know what is going to happen next.

So from the train in Dulwich Hill, which is where the Hostel was, we rode back into Sydney. We did this in order to rent a camper van to drive into Hunter Valley to go wine tasting today. These vans are a VERY popular way to get around Australia, and fairly cheep. However a couple problems arouse.

We came to a travel agent of sorts who can contact all of the camper van locations. However this is the Queens birthday weekend, either places are not open or they are out of vans because so many people are traveling. So we came to the conclusion that there is no way we can get a car till Tuesday. Plus we were planning on taking the van to Hunter Valley but because of the rains it is completly flooded, and the roads are closed.

We want to drive the van from here, Sydney, to Brisbane. From Brisbane we are planning or riding a train or bus. (Moms you will be happy… we decided not to hitchhike because we found out it is illegal and can be more dangerous that we originally anticipated)

So now here is the plan. We are back here in Sydney for two more nights. We booked the a room at the hostel near by and will be staying there tonight. It is a super place, a part of the same chain of hostels we have been staying in, the YHA. Now we will have some more time to do Sydney stuff, and then by Tuesday we will be able to go out to the hopefully more dry Hunter Valley. We will have the van for a week so the road is ours to explore. We are super excited about what happens next, and will keep you updated.

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