06/13/2007 On the Road: Part 1 “The Beginning”

We had been asking people the best way to get up to “Cans.” Popular Aussie opinion pointed to a campervan (van with a bed in the back). We’ve been trying to figure out the Aussie thing to do most of our trip, so we deiced to get a campervan. We would take off from Sydney and journey our way up to Brisbane about 2/5 the way to Cairns.

The train dropped us off near the place where we were to “hire” our camper van. When we first looked at our new ride, we thought it looked alright. It wasn’t until we actually sat down behind the wheel of this van did we know what we were getting ourselves into. The company that we got our camper van from takes pride in giving you a vehicle that looks like it drove out of a wrecking yard. Each one has a different theme, we’re not sure what ours is but it might have something to do with an STD? When we first started her up it sounded like a creature from the grave had risen. They must have looser smog controls because this thing could be used to as a drive by gas chamber. When we first turned on the “wrong side of the road” the windshield wipers went on. It appears that the blinker and windshield wipers are on different sides than in the states. So basically there was a ghetto, STD promoting, scrap metal on wheels, smoke blowing van with its windshield wipers on its way to the unknown. Apparently freeways aren’t very common in the Sydney area, so we spent about 2 hours before we finally out of the city and on the road headed towards Brisbane. Our first stop on our journey would be Hunter Valley.



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  1. Kellee says:

    Is Sean diagnosing the STD in that pic? Ewwww :) lol

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