06/13/2007 – 06/14/2007 On the Road: Part 2 “Hunter Valley”

We really didn’t have much idea how to get to

Hunter Valley Wine Country, we had only read about it in our guide books. We also weren’t 100% sure any wineries would be open as the rain had flooded the whole area the week before. None-the-less we continued to drive up the coast assuming we’d worry about it when the time came.Australian road signs are a bit different than American road signs. Speeding for example is something they seem very passionate about preventing. Every so often they’ll have a set of about 5 signs to help prevent speeding. It will start off with a speed sign saying what the limit is. Then there will be a sign that says “How fast are you going now?” Sometimes you will see a sign that reads “Speed Limits are enforceable”. Then a series of signs that warn of a speed camera, speed camera ahead, speed camera used in this area. Luckily for us our van has no trouble keeping under the speed limit so hopefully we have not gotten a ticket. As far as directions they have all sorts of diagrams as to what the road does and where it goes. So they were actually very helpful in guiding our way to Hunter.When we arrived in hunter we were trying to find a good place to sleep. People had been telling us there was “caravan parks” where you can camp your car and there are all kinds of wonderful amenities around you. However most of the ones we could find wanted you to pay for them. So we aren‘t the type to pay for something if we don’t need it, so we figured we could just park the thing anywhere and sleep. So basically we just pulled into a hotel parking lot and set up shop. We used the little gas burner provided in the van to cook our dinner. We got a few odd stares from a few of the hotel guest but we just accepted the fact that our actions appeared homeless. While in the spirit of homelessness we decided that the best place to wash up for bed would be at good ‘ol McDonalds’s. When we had finally set up for bed in the camper we felt like a bunch of hippies from the 60′s. It was a fun experience adjusting to the whole campervan thing.I’ll make the day quick because this internet cafe is closing. We got up made breakfast at a big park with all kinds of kids around. We had to wash our dishes in the bathroom with all the kids wondering what the homeless family was doing near they’re carnival.

Hunter Valley is known for its
wineries. We visited a few winers and a brewery which was fun to learn about how beer is made. Then we visited chocolate shops then a champagne place which was a lot of fun (check out the picture with the Champagne guy). We then headed out of Hunter about 5 o’clock on our way to an eventful night unknowingly ahead of us.p1010239.JPGp1010251.JPG

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  1. MOM Sellwood says:

    At least you had some good wine I hope. I have had Australian wine and they have some good growers. I also hope it stopped raining. Love MOM

  2. Kellee says:

    What a buncha boozers! Hee Hee

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