In Australia

First I would like to say that we had the greatest day of our lives on Saturday. Everything was so much fun! Everything went so perfect and the night was flawless. The only thing I would have liked to change was that it could have been longer. We didn’t have enough time to get around to everyone who was there. When we got to our hotel, they some how lost our reservation but it worked out because they ended up giving us a little discount and free breakfast in the morning.

The flight was 15hrs long, and it felt at least 15hrs long. We tried to sleep, but it was not very good sleep. We were however fully entertained by the GPS screen we could watch that told us all the info on the flight. We flew at at an altitude of 35,000ft, and the average outside temperature was -61 degrees Fahrenheit!

We’ve been in Australia for our second day now. It was a bit weird since we didn’t really have a Monday with the time change and all. When we arrived it was 6:00am Australian time but 2:00pm American, so we decided we would just try and stay up all day to adjust our schedules.

We rode the “train” (subway) from the airport to the city, and it was CRAZY bussy because everyone was on their way to work and school and here we are with our huge backpacks trying not to hit to many people.

Once we found our hotel we stored our bags (since our room wasn’t ready) and took off to explore. We ended up at a park near Darling Harbor. The child play stuff seemed more dangerous than American playgrounds… which made it extra fun for us!! We then spend a few hours walking around and earning the town. In the early afternoon we went to the oldest part of Sydney “The Rocks”. We tried to find a place to eat but they had later “trading hours”. Then we went to see Pirates 3 for about 5 American dollars each at night.The film ended at 6:00am American time, so Kelly got sleepy and never found out how the movie ended :) . It was a very long and action packed day.

Today we are in Manly, which is a quick boat ride away from Sydney, were still not sure what’s over here but a lot of people have recommended it so here we are! We’ll update as we get more info.On the plane… YEAH WERE MARRIED!!

Weee… At the park

At the park, Sydney in the background

What the heck is this thing??

Seans loves animals :)

Smile… were married!!

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Sydney Harbor Bridge

How were paying for our honeymoon :)

On the boat to ManlyMy wife modeling

My husband modeling

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  1. Kellee says:

    One word for you guys….jealous!!! Wow, you two look like you are having a blast. I am so happy that you found a place to blog from so that we could hear/see how you are doing. Looks like married life is treating you well. You both are glowing and could not look any happier! Love, Love, Love the pics and it looks like the weather is cooperating with you. Can’t wait to hear some stories!

  2. Kellee says:

    Oh, I forgot to say…We love you! See you in a few weeks!

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