06/16/2007 On the road: Part 5 “Kangaroo Man”

We kept driving up the coast until we got board and wanted some adventure. Earlier in the day we had tried to score free sugar at a sugar mill but being the weekend the main office wasn’t open. We were tempted to grab a piece of sugar cane off the side of the road, but we weren’t sure what we should do with it. We eventually felt up for another adventure and pulled off at some road that said something about “New Italy” and thought we might be able to go in and check it out. However we saw some sign that mentioned the “Daylily Farm.” We didn’t have a clue what it was but it sounded like it might be interesting to check out. So we pulled in and saw a saw a giant garden and pond. Soon we were greeted by man named “Mic.”

We didn’t really know what we were doing or going to do here seeing how we just kinda pulled in unannounced. But the way we were received it seemed as if it happened all the time. He began to give us a tour of his giant garden, which contained a few hundred different types of plants, fruit trees, etc. We learned that he creates his own flowers by “breeding” different flowers with each other. He went through a book that he had of all the different flowers he had created. We learned a lot about the purest way to grow anything out of the ground and how fresh fruit tastes much better straight off the tree instead of being frozen for up to a year.

Mic also had an abundance of Kangaroos around his property, hence we gave the title “kangaroo man”. To him they were normal, but it was the first kangaroos we had seen in Australia, Kelly took lots of pictures. He explained that if you don’t look at them and don’t walk directly towards them you can get extremely close. We were able to see a joey feeding right out of mama’s pouch. We talked for a while and had a good conversation about all kinds of topics. We also learned that our next intended destination “Byron Bay” might not be the best option. He told us that it is usually very crowded and typically not the best place for campervans. He recommended “Lenox Head” instead.

It was cool that we were able to just run into a random place and have such a good time with a stranger. We also enjoyed all the knowledge of eating natural fruit and the like from him. We were encouraged to go and eat some organic healthy food, he recommended a town called Nimbin. But for the night we were off to explore Lenox Head.


The Sugar Mill




See the Kangaroo?



Playing with Mics dog Chelsea

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  1. denise says:

    Hey Downeys!
    Wow! I am just catching up on your adventures and it is so exciting to hear all about Australia! You are truly seeing this country from the inside-out, which is exactly how you would have wanted to see it. Thats awesome. Love the pics, too.
    I love you both and I am so glad you are enjoying your time immensely.

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