06/15/2007- 06/16/2007 – On the Road: Part 4 “We Like Free Newspapers… Just not Thrown at Us :)”

So after we left the town where we got stuck we hit the road. Our first stop was an awesome play ground at a rest stop that had very few toys but for some reason a ton of tall poles sticking out of the ground.

Then a bit later we pulled off the road to decide what we should do. The road that we pulled off on happened to be right next to this really cool mountain. So we decided that we would try and drive down the little country road to get a better view of the mountain. But we kind of just kept driving. Then we came to a T in the road and decided to go right. We ended up in a baby town that somewhat reminded me of our little town of Rescue. It had a itty bitty school, and a general store. From discussion with the Australians working in that store (who were somewhat wondering how or why the heck we were there) we decided to go visit a water fall they have locally.

So we drove down a bumpy little dirt road for a bit, and saw lots of cows, and began saying obsessively in southern accents “Can I pet your cow?” So when we ran into a lady on the road near a house with cows, Sean did not hesitate to ask her if she had or knew of any cows we could pet. Unfortunately she did not, but it was worth the try.

We got to the waterfall after a beautiful drive (Seans edit: parts of this road were the bumpiest dirt road I’ve ever driven on. I thought to myself, “I wish we had something that needed a lot of shaking”), took some pictures then took off back to the road. On our way back we stopped and got some fruit from the side of the road, then went back to the general store, cut it up and ate it… yummy :)

That town was a lot of fun because the people were really friendly and you could tell it was just a really big community of people, and everyone was saying hi to us.

After we left there we kept driving until we got to Port Macquaries early in the night. We intended to stay here but got board with the town and hit the road again. That is after using a Starbucks power to charge our ipod while we took an hour to drink a tea.

On the road we made our way to Coffs Harbor, which some people had recommended to us. It was around 10pm when we pulled into town. We pretty much just looked straight away for a place to park our camper van. No where really looked sufficient, but we found a place to wash up at a car park. But it was really loud there so we kept looking. We ended up in a little residential neighborhood. We were near a bunch of houses but got the van ready and went to bed. Around 4am we were however rudely awakened.

“WHAM!!” a loud noise instantly woke both Sean and I up. We were both having dreams about driving, so I though we had hit a Kangaroo, and Sean thought we got in a crash. He wanted to go out and see what it was, but I was apprehensive so we waited until the morning.

The next day we found a stack of about 25 newspapers had been delivered to our back door. I did not know that we had made such an order but it was nice of them to drop them off anyway free of charge. I do however wish that he had better aim because he hit our back door and made a fairly significant dent in it. None the less we got ready and met a lot of neighborhood locals who I think thought we were a bit homeless… thats okay, we were used to it by then.

We met a guy who know where the “Advocate” Newspaper was, so we made a journey there. However they were unfortunately closed, so we left Coffs Harbor, stopped at a beach, then hit the road again.


Playing at the Rest Stop Playground








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