06/16/2007 – 06/17/2007 On the road: Part 6 “Lenox Head”.

Sorry this one is a bit long…

We got back on the road with a new destination of a place called Lenox Head. Along the way we decided to take an alternative route which was very beautiful. It was right on the river and had a feel as if we were in the south somewhere. The best part was when we had caught the sun setting on the river. There were a bunch of people out along the shore line fishing and having a good time. We wished we too had a boat or fishing pole to join in. Our side route eventually dead ended into a ferry crossing which we were excited to board. Then we were back on the main road which was uneventful, but we eventually came in to the town of Lenox Head.

We found a parking spot and decided to check out the town. We discovered a “Hotel” (Australian word for bar) that seemed like half the town was in. We went inside and soon discovered that two rugby teams had just finished a game. We talked with a fellow who told us a bit about the game and competition of rugby on the national level with all the different Australian states. He also recommended a good place to sleep in Lenox Head and agreed with kangaroo man that “Byron Bay” isn’t camper van friendly.

Called by hunger we then went back to our camper van and went to the spot that the fellow had recommended, which was a parking area right on the ocean. We fired up the stove and began to cook spaghetti. We heard a huge group of girls singing songs and going crazy. It wasn’t long after we started to cook that some of them started to head our way. It appeared that there was about 25 or so of these girls that didn’t look older than 18 and all of them “pissed” (Australian word for Drunk). They though we were way cool because we were from California. Kelly dissolved the typical California myths for them. Then the cops came. The legal drinking age is 18, and probably half of them were under. All the cops did was take booze away from the young ones and wrote down their names. The ones that were of age got to keep theirs. Different girls kept coming over and testing our spaghetti to see if it was ready for us. They eventually left us to go into town and cause chaos there. We then enjoyed our half eaten meal right on the ocean.

Earlier in the day we had went to a hostel to fill up our water supply and met some guys that seemed like they were fairly cool, an Australian and German. We met back up with them later that night and went back to the “Hotel” to play some pool. We hung around there for a while waiting to play and talked to some people who were also traveling. When we did get to play Sean blames the fact that there was only one Cue and playing on an irregular table size for not winning a single game. We soon left and told our new friends we would try and see them tomorrow.

The next day we deiced it was time for a shower. So we paid four bucks and got our moneys worth. We took like hour and a half showers, washed our dishes, charged our camera battery and filled up our water supply. When we returned the shower key to the lady at the office she thought we had run off with it. Before we left for Byron we ran into Joel, friend from last night and talked to him for a bit.

He basically gave us his life story that he was living on the beach in the same town as the girl he loved. The girl didn’t really love him back. It sort of made him stuck in this cycle. We didn’t really know what to tell him. We shared a bit of our faith with him and told him that we would pray for him. He appreciated it and then we wished each other well. We then continued on our way to Byron Bay.




Sean, Kelly, and Joels Peace sign :)


having lunch next to the lake in Lenox

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  1. denise says:

    Hey Kel and Sean!
    Is that your van/camper?
    I love the stories you tell and thats cool that you could be a friend to Joel.
    Rock on my friends and God bless your travels!

  2. MOM Sellwood says:

    Looks like great fun and what a beautiful secluded beach. Love
    MOM Sellwood

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